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years of experience in the engineering, inspection and construction industries and is poised to present a full range of multi-disciplinary services to its clients. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction Management - Full construction management services
    including bidding, contractor selection, contract award and negotiation, project site administration.
  • Plan and Cost Review (PCR)- Review of construction drawings and
    cost estimates and schedule to determine whether plans are in compliance with accepted standards and the construction budget is reasonable.
  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA) - Evaluation of the current condition of the building and property to latest ASTM or client standards. Freddie Mac - Property condition assessments in accordance with Freddie Mac requirements.
  • Reserve Studies/Capital Reserve Studies – An evaluation of the
    current condition of the common areas of a Community Association
    with cost analysis to determine the optimal monthly contributions to
    a capital reserve fund.
  • Environmental Site assessments (ESA) - Complete Environmental
    ASTM Transaction screens, ASTM Phase I and II assessments as
    well as environmental project management services.
  • Construction Monitoring and Progress Payment Approval – Review
    of the construction progress, material delivered, and determination if
    adequate funds remain to complete a project. Review and approval
    of contractor payment requests on construction loan draws.
  • Geo-Probe Services - Soil borings, monitoring wells and
    classification of soils. Magnetometer surveys, ground resistibility
    surveys with minimal intrusion to the property.
  • Asbestos and Lead, Radon - Including inspection, air and project
    monitoring, remedial design, and project management services.

WESTMINSTER REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, LLC is one of the few firms across New York, Pennsylvania and beyond to combine its diverse background and experience in to a “one stop” shop for lenders, attorneys, developers and real estate professionals and retailers. WESTMINSTER REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, LLC is committed to developing and fostering long term relationships with our client base while producing a total quality finished product.