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Capital Assessments

Apartment complexes, condominiums, townhouses, time shares, senior housing all have one thing in common...they are usually managed by a Board of Directors or Property Management Company that require information to make sound decisions within their respective communities. This information includes the condition of materials that over time even with the best maintenance program will require replacement. When these item such as roofs, heating/cooling units, windows, sidewalks, pavements, etc...require replacement, the right amount of capital dollars needs to be available to fix, repair and/or replace them without the need of special assessments which owners find very unfavorable.

A cost reserve study or capital needs assessment will provide such information outlining the estimated useful life of items and place the items within future time table to allow for proper budgeting of the cost to replace them. Additionally, WREA is then capable of coupling this service with the construction management to complete specifications, place to bid and monitor the work as it is being completed within our construction management group.